9000KW electrical Steam boiler

9000KW electrical Steam boiler

We have six tons of gas hot water boiler, for example, calculate how much it costs to run the calculation. 1, fuel costs six tons full load operation of a gas boiler, a one-hour air consumption = thermal efficiency of the boiler output ÷ ÷ gas heating value = 6 × 600000kcal ÷ 0.99 ÷ 8500kcal / h = 427m³

1, to confirm the nature of the scale prior to acid pickling, the thickness and range.

2, pickling work must be carried out under the experienced guidance of boiler technicians, and pickling solution after repeated demonstration, to develop practical and reliable pickling solution.

3, corrosion inhibitors which are inevitable regardless of the boiler will produce some corrosion; therefore, pickling should not be repeatedly used.

4, drum pressure element if cracks or other leakage defects, these defects must be clear prior to pickling, and then pickling work, or other undesirable leakage accident occurs.

5, pickling, the operator should wear protective equipment (gloves, anti-acid, anti-acid suits, masks anti-acid, anti-acid glasses, etc.), open doors and windows to enhance ventilation to avoid these acidic substances harmful to the body. Prohibited welding, smoking or open flames access operations in the workplace, to prevent hydrogen explosion caused personal injury and other economic losses.

6, before the boiler feed water pump should be pickled, the steam outlet and sewage pipes with a round blind board isolated emptying valve is opened, so that the smooth discharge of acid gases produced.

Henan Provincial Government to respond positively to meeting the spirit of the "Blue Sky Battle Action Plan", in mid-September, the issuance of "three-year action plan for pollution prevention and control campaign of Henan Province (2018-2020 years)" ( "Program"), under provincial jurisdiction, provincial tube county (city) people's government and provincial government departments need to be strictly enforced.

A gradual reduction of the total coal consumption

1, and strictly control the total coal consumption. Strictly implement the "People's Government of Henan Province, Henan Province, on the issuance of" Thirteen Five "total coal consumption control notification program of work." Strengthen the electricity, coal, steel, chemicals, nonferrous metals, building materials and other key industries of coal consumption reduction measures to eliminate a number of energy consumption is higher than the national average of inefficient capacity.

2, to enhance coal project access threshold. In principle ban on new or expanded production capacity of pure coal, coal, iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, glass, traditional coal chemical, coke overcapacity of traditional industries, the province's non-new chemical park.

3, an alternative embodiment of the coal reduction. Strictly implement the "coal project in Henan coal consumption of alternative management (Interim) Measures", all new construction, renovation, expansion project be implemented coal coal reduction or equivalent alternative. For failure to complete the annual coal consumption reduction objectives of local, regional limits approved implementation of coal projects. In addition to cogeneration projects, the province no longer approve new production of "Thirteen Five" period coal-fired power projects.

Second, build the province's clean heating system

1, the basic realization of full coverage of urban central heating. Based on existing resources and central heating facilities, the existing large-scale heat sources and central heating pipe network in the area, in-depth investigation heating demand, and promote the rich heating capacity extends to reasonable radius and root out the potential heating, heating reduce blind spots.

2, vigorously promote clean energy for heating. Central heating pipe network coverage area, the power supply and secure place, the implementation of clean energy heating engineering, accelerate the promotion of ground source, water and air source heat pump technology, building a number of distributed energy heating project; in the natural gas pipeline network to cover the area, on the premise of the implementation of gas supply contracts, ordered the construction of gas-fired boiler room, natural gas distributed energy projects.

3, strengthen clean coal quality control. Continued to organize provincial, city, county, township (neighborhood) and village (community) scattered five coal-burning governance special inspection operations, according to the law to crack down on sales of substandard clean coal behavior.

Third, the development of industrial coal-fired facilities Chaigai

By the year 2020, and out of the basic ban coal stove cogeneration heating pipe network coverage range fired heating, drying furnace (kiln); out hearth furnace diameter of 3 meters fuels gas generator, increase fertilizer industry fixed bed coal gasifier intermittent reform efforts; focus on the use of gas furnace industrial park, they will not have to switch to natural conditions, should build a unified clean coal gas central principle; prohibition blended with high-sulfur petroleum coke.

Fourth, to promote the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers

Demolition and gradually expand the boiler clean energy transformation of coal-fired range. Before the end of 2020, the province basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / h and coal-fired boilers.

Boiler Chaigai funding awards complement the implementation of the way decreasing year by year:

The completion of the coal-fired boilers Chaigai before the end of October 2018, giving 60,000 yuan / tons of steam financial awards complement;

The completion of the coal-fired boilers Chaigai before the end of October 2019, giving 40,000 yuan / tons of steam financial awards complement;

The completion of the coal-fired boiler Chaigai after the end of October 2019, no longer give financial awards complement.

What checks should be done before the gas-fired boiler starts?

Because gas-fired boiler is a kind of container equipment with steam and pressure, it is easy to cause accidents if the safety code is not followed in the course of operation, so, Gas-fired boiler operators must follow the rules and regulations to implement the relevant procedures and make good operation and shift records. The following is a high-stability gas-fired boiler manufacturers to introduce what checks should be done before the start of the furnace.

1. When checking the appearance and gas pressure of the boiler, when preparing to start the gas-fired boiler, the on-duty furnace worker should first do a comprehensive inspection, including the appearance of the boiler, the valves and the connecting parts, and then check the pressure of the gas. Ensure that the pressure value is within the normal range, not too high or too low, and that the gas supply valve cannot be opened until it is checked and confirmed to be normal.

2, check the water supply system gas-fired boiler when burning, there should be water inside, otherwise there will be danger. Therefore, before the stove is opened, the boiler workers should check the water supply system and see if the pump can supply water. If the water supply is not properly switched on, the exhaust valve should be opened and ventilated, knowing that the pump can start the water supply. Then open the valves in the water supply system.

3. Checking the water level if too much or too little water in the gas-fired boiler will have an impact on the safe operation of the boiler, it is very important to check the water level gauge well before the start of the furnace. Because the function of the water level gauge is to let the stoves know how much water there is in the boiler at the moment. Therefore, before starting a gas-fired boiler, it is necessary to see whether the position of the water level gauge is normal or not, and also to see whether the level gauge and color plug of the water level meter are in the open position, so as to avoid the phenomenon of false water level, and then to observe whether there is a shortage of water. If lack of water can manually carry out boiler water filling.

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